ClarityNLP modules in NLPQL that defines how documents are to be queried in Solr.



Uses the ClarityNLP document ontology. Mapped using the Report Type Mapper.

documentset RadiologyNotes:


Uses arguments to build a custom Solr query to retrieve document set. All arguments are optional, but at least one must be present.

Name Type Notes
report_types List[str] List of report types. Corresponds to report_types in Solr.
report_tags List[str] List of report tags. Report tags mapped to document ontology.
source str OR List[str] List of sources to map to. Use array of strings or string, separated by commas.
filter_query str Use single quote (’) to quote. Corresponds to Solr fq parameter. See here.*
query str Use single quote (’) to quote. Corresponds to Solr q parameter. See here.*

* See more about the ClarityNLP Solr fields here.

documentset AmoxDischargeNotes:
     "report_types":["Discharge summary"],
     "report_tags": [],
     "filter_query": "",
     "source": ["MIMIC","FDA Drug Labels"],


Uses an explicit report type list of string to match from the report_type field.

documentset ChestXRDocs:
    Clarity.createReportTypeList(["CHEST XR", "CHEST X-RAY"]);